From Monica Scalf, Founder

From Monica Scalf, Founder
HEALTHY ORGANIZATIONS START WITH ENGAGED EMPLOYEES.  Are your people vibrant, collaborative, and self-aware team players, or are they overwhelmed, stressed out and just getting by?
Even the best individuals and teams need a tune up from time to time.  And there’s no better way to get out of a workplace rut than with engaging, results driven learning that supports the growth of the individual, the team, and the organization as a whole.
When I created The Playground Group back in 2009, I did so with the intention of teaching hard working individuals how to decrease stress and enjoy life more even in the midst of a busy, demanding, and high stakes job, so that they could succeed and the organizations for which they work could benefit.
Today, I’m proud to say that our workshop and product offerings achieve that goal and help individuals play to win in the game of work and life.  Whether you’re looking for a proven way to strengthen a team within your organization or a fun, engaging session on productivity, stress management, or personal branding, we’ll customize a program to meet your desired outcomes (and we’ll have a lot of fun doing it).
I look forward to seeing how we can help you up your game,
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