Up Your Game in the Workplace

Looking for more sales, more productivity, less turnover, better relationships, and better bottom line results? Whatever it is you’re looking to get more of from your team, we can help.  Using proven programs that are customized to reach your desired results, your workforce will be re-engaged, re-energized, and on the road to lasting change.


We offer one hour to all day workshops in Team Building, Personal Branding, Stress Management, Productivity and more.  We come to your location and teach your people the skills they need to achieve and sustain success.  We have fun with a focus on RESULTS.

Results for Leadership Teams

  • identify a unified vision and create action plans to reach and exceed revenue goals
  • strengthen relationships among the leadership team to create a thriving company culture therefore reducing unnecessary turnover and helping to attract top talent
  • forces leadership team to look at what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs to change to reach desired results

Results for Sales Teams

  • improve relationships between sales managers and their sales teams
  • help salespeople to identify ways to work better with existing customers to uncover more sales
  • reduce turnover and improve productivity by identifying and working with the needs of individual team members

Results for Departmental Teams

  • learn and implement a framework for creating more cohesion and better efficiency among team members
  • strengthen existing teams and work out issues holding the team back therefore reducing turnover and increasing productivity
  • help existing teams create action plans for improving team performance in a safe and supportive environment with an objective third party facilitator

 Results for Medical / Dental Office Teams

  • improve communication and productivity among team members
  • uncover and identify team goals and develop action plans for reaching them
  • refine and improve customer service skills to boost revenue through better patient retention rates

Results for Off Site / Keynote Events

  • build a shared experience among team members to improve team morale
  • demonstrate leadership’s support of the well being of team members
  • engaging, fun, and practical information that decreases stress, increases productivity for each team member, keeping them healthy and engaged