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Improve Employee Engagement, Conflict Management, and Productivity.

Make your workplace more productive, positive, and profitable using DiSC personality assessments and training. Used by over 41 million people in thousands of organizations, DiSC assessments and training can transform the relationships among co-workers and make your team more successful.

Individuals receive a customized 20 page report that identifies their DiSC style and helps them become more self-aware of their tendencies and priorities in the workplace while also learning how to best work with co-workers styles.
DiSC Training is great forEverything DiSC Workplace Map

team leaders looking to connect with their teams

sales managers and sales teams

new hire orientations

departmental teams


When I first considered DiSC training for our Management team, I was worried it would be a cookie cutter approach that tried to fit individuals into 3 or 4 boxes. However, that was not our experience at all. DiSC training brought our team closer together and allowed us to understand the strengths and limitations of each member. I would absolutely recommend this training by The Playground Group because I have a much better understanding of my team and how each individual will process projects or problems. Knowing this makes us work more efficiently and effectively, and that’s good for business.
Andrew Schuster, President, Matandy Steel